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Adam Gazzaley


Dr. Gazzaley, a public speaker for over a decade, has delivered over 600 presentations around the word. His keynotes presented in five continents and over two dozen countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Cuba, Brazil, Holland, Israel, Singapore, India, Australia…) have captured the imagination of diverse audiences: academics, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, lawyers, bankers, doctors, judges, children, healthcare professionals, technologists, engineers and congressmen. The venues have been just as wide-ranging: universities, hospitals, retirement communities, prisons, music festivals, elementary schools, museums, Apple stores, White House, Congress, conferences (SXSW, TED, DreamForce, CES, Exponential Medicine, Fortune Brainstorm Health, Wired Health, Milken Institute…) and companies (Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony, Microsoft, GE, Deloitte, RedBull, Samsung, NVIDIA, SalesForce…). His extensive contribution to the public education of science was awarded with the 2015 Society for Neuroscience - Science Educator Award.



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