Deb Chandler, CPC, ACS-EM, ACS-FP
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 07/07/2021

Deb Chandler - Bio



Deb Chandler has been in the healthcare industry for 27 + years.  Prior to that, she was an elementary school teacher for five years. 

In 2003, Deb went through training with The American Academy of Professional Coders and obtained her Certified Professional Coder Certification.  Since that time, Deb has received additional certifications in Coding for Family Medicine and Pediatrics, as well as E/M Auditing.

In 1996, Deb’s medical office became one of the founding offices of Central Ohio Primary Care, and in 2006, Deb moved to the corporate office for COPC to establish the Coding Department.  During her time with the Coding Department, Deb worked with external auditors and also personally did all the internal physician E/M audits.  As Director of Coding, Deb worked closely with the Revenue Cycle Department to minimize denials and work appeals more quickly.  In 2016, Deb was asked to take over the role of Director of Revenue Cycle for Central Ohio Primary Care.  The Coding Department was placed under her directorship along with the other teams already working under Revenue Cycle.  The Revenue Cycle Department has made great strides and is currently seeing claims turn around quickly and A/R days annually run between 26-28 days. 

Deb trains physicians, mid-level providers, and staff on the many different aspects of coding, and continues to perform internal audits for all new providers and those who have trouble passing COPC’s annual E/M audits.  She does one on one sessions, lunch and learns for physician practices, and any other educational method that may effectively help the physicians obtain reimbursement to match the services they rendered.