Bruce McKenna, BA Criminal Justice
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 08/14/2020

                                          Bruce McKenna, DPD Retired, B.A. Criminal Justice ODU, A.L.i.C.E.

                                          Instructor, Master S.R.O.


Retired after 26 years in law enforcement, while having served in Central Ohio as a School Resource Officer (S.R.O.), D.A.R.E. Officer (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), along with serving as a Tactics Instructor, SWAT team member, and Hostage Negotiator. 


Bruce has conducted numerous trainings and consultations nationwide for safety planning and drills, along with presentations for online safety and social media.  He routinely is sought after for his training for active violence and preparedness for businesses and schools.


Bruce currently serves as the Director of Campus Safety and Security for St. Brigid of Kildare Dublin, OH.  He also serves on the Diocesan Safety Committee as the lead instructor for active violence and preparedness training for the Columbus, Ohio Catholic Diocese.